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    Guangzhou Jiehe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Guangzhou Jiehe, Jiehe) was established in March 2011. It acts as an agent for Qubea 3D printer. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, physical application and sales of 3D printer. Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development of 3D printing technology, and applied solutions in various fields. Through the "precise, precise and exquisite" 3D printer, we are pursuing the long-term cooperation of "creating, building and jointly cooperating" with our customers and friends.

    After eight years of continuous optimization and upgrading, the Qubea 3D printer, with the participation of the U.S. technology research and development team, also integrates German 3D printing technology in brainstorming while constantly training in the market. From control code to control software; from machinery to delivery of the whole machine; from technical explanation to industry plan; from preliminary Maolu to industry president. The research and development of printing equipment along the way and the market development along the way are all precipitated from the accumulation of what customers want to do and what they want to do. Thanks to the support and continuous feedback of customers and friends, all the technical parameters are at the advanced international level, and many independent knowledge products have been obtained. Quan, the leader of 3D printing technology, has the honor to become the first echelon product, so that Qubea 3D printer can be exported to Qubea Obija at home and abroad, at the same time, in line with the domestic market consumption pattern, all-round application in education, medical, industrial design and other fields, and strive to provide solutions for some domestic industries. Valuable solutions, as a professional application solutions manufacturer in the domestic 3D printing market, help the industry upgrade and transformation.

    The company adheres to the enterprise concept of "people-oriented, science and technology enterprises, practical for the people", and has signed long-term cooperation agreements with Baiyun Institute of Technology, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou Medical College and other institutions, reached a number of technical cooperation, talent exchange and docking, and integration with industry, University and research, and established with experts and scholars of scientific research units of the school. Long-term friendly cooperative relationship, I wish that in the future, we can go forward side by side, and create the future of 3D printing industry.

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